Since its foundation LABD has played a major role in the development of lead-acid battery science and industry in Bulgaria.
In its early years, LABD established contacts with many scientists from foreign universities and scientific institutes which have grown in constant partnership.
During the last 30 years LABD has very actively broadened its activities as collaborator to R&D departments of many foreign companies.
LABD is a leading team of experts who have worked on international projects under 5th, 6th & 7th Framework programmes of European Union, ALABC and EALABC programs, etc.



  • Effect of different forms of carbon included in the negative active mass of lead-acid batteries on the processes leading to water loss at elevated operating temperatures, ALABC Project No.1618 BS_CNPWLET (2016-2019)  
  • Effect of sulfuric acid concentration and additives on improving the performance of VRLAB with 1.30 g/cm3 electrolyte, ALABC Project No. 1315-RE1 (2015-2018)
  • Additives to the negative active mass of valve-regulated lead-acid batteries and mechanism(s) by which they suppress sulfation of the negative plates on high-rate partial-state-of-charge battery operation, ALABC Project No.1012G (2010-2012)
  • Identification of the mechanism(s) by which certain forms of carbon, when included in the negative active material of a VRLA battery exposed to high-rate partial-state-of-charge operation, are able to resist sulfation, ALABC Project No.C2.3/C2.3A/C2.3B  (2007-2008)
  • Optimization of the structure of the positive grid/PAM interface, ALABC Project No.P-001.4 (2001-2003)  
  • Strategies for the further improvement of performance and life of lead-acid batteries for electric vehicle applications - Task 2(a): The design, construction and testing of optimized tubular or strap grid tubular battery with thin plates; Task 3(a): Investigations into the degradation of the performance of the negative plate arising from high rate discharge, EALABC-INCO Project No. IMPLAB BE97-4085: Brite Euram Project (1998-2000)
  • Improvement of Cycle Life, esp. under EV Discharge & Recharge Conditions, ALABC Project No.AMC 004 - VARTA CLEPS & ALABC Project No.AMC 004A (1993-1996)


 Country  Organization/Company  Project manager
 China  Shandong University  Prof. Y. Guo
 Finland  University of Helsinki  Prof. G. Sundholm
 Germany  TU Dresden  Prof. K. Wiesener
 India  CECRI  Prof. A.S. Shukla
 Italy  Politecnico di Torino  Prof. M. Maja
 Russia  Institute of Electrochemistry  Dr. K. Rybalka
 Russia  Institute "Iztochnik"  Dr. A. Rusin
 Russia  Saratov State Iniversity  Prof. I.A. Kazarinov
 Sweden  Royal Technical University  Prof. D. Simonsson
 Austria  Banner GmbH – 3 Projects  Ing. H. Diermaier
 China  Zibo Torch Energy Co., Ltd.  Mr. Jian-Xin Wang
 Colombia  MAC S.A.  Ing. V.H. Vergara
 Bulgaria   Elhim-Iskra JSC  Ing. M. Trendafilov
 Bulgaria  Enersys JSC  Mr. E. Peterhans
 Bulgaria  Monbat Plc.  Mr. A. Bobokov, Mr. P. Hristov
 Bulgaria   Todu Ltd.  Mr. A. Dimitrov
 Bolivia  Batebol Ltda  Ing. O.F. Panoso
 EU-EALABC      CEAC (France), ZSW (Germany), Polito( Italy), S.E.A. Tudor S.A., EU FP5    Dr. A. Cooper
 EU FP6  CEAC (France), Trama TecnoAmbiantal SL (Spain); Netherlands Energy Foundation (The Netherlands)  Dr. L. Torcheaux
 EU FP7  TWI Ltd. (UK), MIRA Ltd. (UK), Fibretech - Fibre Technology Ltd. (UK),  SystematIC Design B.V. (The Netherlands), ARVIS S.A. Environmental enterprises (Greece), Inci Akü San. ve Tic. A.S. (Turkey)  Mr. L. Marston
 Finland  EC Neste Oy  Dr. P. Passiniemi
 France  Metaleurop SA    Dr. C. Thomas
 Germany  VARTA Batterie AG – 2 projects  Dr. Gereth
 Germany  Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich GmbH  Mr. P. Eirich
 Germany  Glatfelter Gernsbach GmbH & Co.KG – 2 Projects      Dr. B. Naughton
 India  AMCO/TAFE Batteries Ltd. - 2 projects  Dr. R. Vishvanathan
 Dr. R.A. Sridhar
 India  HBL Nife Power Systems Ltd.  Mr. T. Venu Gopal
 India  NED Energy Ltd.  Dr. S.A. Gaffoor
 Iran  Niru Battery Mfg.Co.  Mr. S. Tabaatabaai
 Izrael  E. Schnapp & Co. Works Ltd.  Mr. A. Amir
 Japan  Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.  Dr. T. Shibahara
 Japan  Japan Storage Battery Co., Ltd.  Dr. M. Tsubota
 Norway  Borregaard LignoTech – 2 projects  Dr. B. Myrvold
 Romania  Rombat Ltd.  Dr. E. Ilea
 Serbia  Fabrika Akumulatora Sombor AD  Ing. M. Botovac
 Sultanate of Oman  Reem Batteries & Power Appliances Co., SAOG  Dr. Thangadurai
 Switzerland  Oerlikon Stationary Batteries Ltd.  Dr. H. Giess
 Taiwan  MRL, ITRI  Dr. C. Liu
 Turkey  INCI AKU ve Tic A.S.  Ing. S. Eserdag
 UK   CMP Batteries Ltd.  Dr. J. Dyson
 UK  Atraverda Ltd.  Dr. D. Hobday
 UK  OCVTM Non-Woven Technolo¬gies  Mr. R. Huusken
 USA  ALABC – 5 projects  Dr. P. Moseley, Dr. B. Monahov
 USA  Cabot Corporation - 5 projects  Dr. P. Atanassova
 USA  FireFly Energy Inc.  Dr. R. Nelson
 USA  Exide Technologies - 2 projects  Dr. P. Adanuvor, Dr. M.L. DeLucia
 USA  GNB Technologies - 2 projects  Dr. M. Kepros, Dr. R. Batson
 USA  Trojan Battery Co. - 3 projects  Dr. G. Beckley