PhD Theses

D. Pavlov, DSc: “Mechanism of the Processes on Anodic Oxidation of Lead in Sulphuric Acid Solution”, 1984 
G. Papazov, PhD: “Investigation of the Processes of Formation of the Positive Lead-Acid Battery Plate”, 1982 
V. Iliev, PhD: “Structure of the Active Mass of the Negative Lead-Acid Battery Electrode Formation and Functions”, 1983
T. Rogachev, PhD: “Processes Related to the Anodic Corrosion of Lead and Lead Alloys on Their Polarization in the Lead Dioxide Potential Region”, 1986
E. Bashtavelova, PhD: “Structure of the Positive Active Mass and Its Effects on the Performance Characteristics of the Positive Lead-Acid Battery Plates”, 1987 
N. Kapkov, PhD: “Methods of Lead Dioxide Active Mass Formation Based on 4PbO.PbSO4 Pastes”, 1989
B. Monahov, PhD: “Influence of Antimony on the Electrochemical Properties of the Lead Electrode”, 1994 
M. Bojilov, PhD: “Electrochemical Behaviour of Antimony in Sulphuric Acid Solutions”, 1994 
A. Dakhouche, PhD: “Influence of Antimony on the Electrochemical Behaviour of the Positive Lead-Acid Battery Plate”, 1995
A. Kirchev, PhD: “Gas Diffusion Kinetics of Oxygen Reduction on the Negative Plate of VRLAB”, 2005
V. Naidenov, PhD: “New Modified AGM Separator and Its Influence on the Processes in VRLAB”, 2006 
P. Nikolov, PhD: “Effect of carbon materials as additives to the negative active mass of lead-acid batteries for hybrid electric vehicle applications”, 2013 
M. Matrakova, PhD: “Influence of additives on the characteristics of the active masses of the lead-acid battery, 2017
B. Shirov, PhD: „External physical influence with modulated magnetic fields on the electrochemical processes in lead-acid batteries“, 2021