LABAT History

In the late 1980's members of the battery community comprising scientists from universities and research centers, technologists and manufacturers of lead-acid batteries and related equipment from various countries worldwide, united by their common interest to improve the lead-acid battery, started to meet periodically and exchange ideas and information in the field of battery science and technology. The initiative for organizing regular international conferences on lead-acid batteries belongs to Prof. Detchko Pavlov, Head of the Lead-Acid Battery Department (LABD) of the Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems - IEES (former CLEPS), an Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS).

The first Lead-Acid Battery Conference, LABAT'89, was held in Varna, Bulgaria in June 1989. It was very successful, attended by 250 scientists, leading battery technologists and manufacturers from 34 countries worldwide. Ten more LABAT issues followed the success of LABAT'89.

LABAT conferences held so far:

  • LABAT’1989 held in Varna, Bulgaria, in 1989
  • LABAT’1993 held in Varna, Bulgaria, in 1993
  • LABAT’1996 held in Varna, Bulgaria, in 1996
  • LABAT’1999 held in Sofia,  Bulgaria, in 1999
  • LABAT’2002 held in Varna, Bulgaria, in 2002
  • LABAT’2005 held in Varna, Bulgaria, in 2005
  • LABAT’2008 held in Varna, Bulgaria, in 2008
  • LABAT’2011 held in Albena, Bulgaria, in 2011
  • LABAT’2014 held in Albena, Bulgaria, in 2014
  • LABAT'2017 held in Golden Sands, Bulgaria, in 2017
  • LABAT'2021 held virtually, in 2021 

The basic topics discussed at the LABAT conferences include the latest achievements in:

  • lead-acid battery theory, technology, design and operation
  • new applications of lead-acid batteries
  • novelties in battery materials, machines and equipment for battery manufacture and testing, etc. 
  • environmental aspects of battery production, usage and recycling
  • batteries for electric vehicles as a more environment-friendly alternative.

The titles and the authors of the presented lectures are listed as follows:

LABAT – 1989
LABAT – 1993
LABAT – 1996
LABAT – 1999
LABAT – 2002
LABAT – 2005
LABAT – 2008
LABAT – 2011
LABAT – 2014
LABAT – 2017

LABAT – 2021

The most interesting papers presented at the LABAT conferences held so far have been published in devoted issues of the international Journal of Power Sources, volumes 30 and 31 (1990); 46 (1993); 64 (1997); 85 (2000), 113(2003), 158 (2006), 191 (2009) and 207/209 (2012).

The Proceedings of Extended Abstracts of the LABAT'2005, LABAT'2014 and LABAT'2017 Conferences have been indexed in SCOPUS so far.

Gaston Planté Medal

The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences on each LABAT conference awards the Gaston Planté Medal, to a scientist, selected by an International Gaston Planté Medal Committee, for significant contribution to the development of lead-acid battery science and technology.

“Prof. Detcko Pavlov” Young Scientist Award  

The award is established in 2020 to be presented at each LABAT Conference. It is named after the eminent lead-acid battery scientist Prof. Detchko Pavlov (1930-2017), founder and head of the Lead-Acid Batteries Department of IEES for almost 50 years and “father” of the series of LABAT conferences. The award is intended to encourage young scientists to strive for excellence in their research work as Prof. Detchko Pavlov did throughout his life. The winner of the award is selected by the majority vote of all conference delegates who evaluate the presentation of the young candidates by following criteria: knowledge of subject material, structure and clarity of presentation (oral or poster), appropriate use of visual material and ability to answer questions and join in discussions. 


The Organizing Committee of LABAT is grateful for the financial support of the following companies and organizations having sponsored LABAT meetings throughout the years. Without their contribution the success of each and every LABAT Conference held so far would have been impossible.


Year of sponsoring
LABAT Conference

  MONBAT Plc., Bulgaria  - General Sponsor

  2002, 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2017

  AKUMICAR Ltd., Bulgaria (present MONBAT Plc.)   1993, 1996
  AMER-SIL Ltd., Luxembourg   1993
  BITRODE Ltd., UK   1996
  BULVIA Import-Export, Bulgaria   1993
  CABOT Corporation, USA   2014, 2017, 2021
  CHLORIDE Technical and Trading Ltd., UK   1989
  CMWTEC Technologie GmbH, Germany   2021
  EBC Korea Co., Ltd., South Korea   2017
  ELHIM-ISKRA JSC, Bulgaria   1996, 2011, 2021
  ENERGIA Ltd., Bulgaria   1993, 1996
  ENERSYS, USA   2014
  IEHIT Ltd., Bulgaria   1996
  IMERYS Graphite & Carbon Ltd., Switzerland   2014
  INBATEC GmbH, Germany   2014, 2017, 2021
  JOHNSON CONTROLS, Inc., USA   1989, 1993, 1996, 2014
  Maschinenfabrik Gustav EIRICH GmbH, Germany   1996
  Microporous GmbH, Austria   2021
  NESTE OY, Finland   1989
  OMI-NBE, Italy   2017
  POLYSEP Ltd., Bulgaria   1993
  ROVA 7 Ltd., Bulgaria   1996
  Shandong JINKELI Power Sources Technology Co., Ltd., China   2017
  SOVEMA Group   2017
  SE.RI. Group, Italy   2014
  SK AKUMULATORI, Bulgaria (present ELHIM-ISKRA JSC)   1989
  START Ltd., Bulgaria (now part of MONBAT Plc.)   1993, 1996
  TERRANOVA Papers Sa, Spain   2021
  UNESCO   1989, 1993, 1996
  WaveTech GmbH, Germany   2021