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INBATEC GmbH provides formation systems with acid recirculation technology. The Inbatec Modules comprise self-contained and independent modules – which only need to be supplied with concentrated acid, water, compressed air and electrical power. Because it is a modular system, production capacity can grow step-by-step with the customers’ requirements. The Inbatec formation process offers controlled conditions and guarantee a repeatable and consistent quality of the formed battery. High productivity is achieved by means of short formation times and concentrated production. Inbatec provides a reliable and proven technology with more than 450 formation systems in operation worldwide. The Inbatec Modules – the benchmark for lead acid battery formation.

Terranova Papers Sa located in Barcelona, Spain, belongs to the Group Miquel y Costas SA, with thirteen subsidiaries and associated company all focused on the paper industry is one of the leading  manufacturer of specialty lightweight papers around the world. Its facilities are equipped with the most modern inclined-wire paper machine technology to ensure cost efficiency, reduction of environmental impact and continuous innovation in products and processes. This unique Technical Factory benefits from the Group’s proven experienced Technical Division, International sales network, Research and Development Department and Quality Management.
Our premium pasting paper, suits the requirements of continuous grid pasting technologies. We render the properties of paper to assure good runnability and achieve a high productivity.
Terranova Papers has a team with a long experience in papermaking; our Technical Department continuously develops new products and it allows us to find specific solutions for our clients. We have the most qualified people and the most advanced technology.

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Cabot Corporation


CABOT Corpotation has been a leading manufacturer of carbon black, fumed silica and other specialty additives for more than 130 years. We are a key player in the provision of high-performance materials and technology to many sectors of the energy industry. We bring unparalleled scale and technological depth when assisting our customers with a broad range of carbon and other particulate materials, including our PBX® carbon additives. Our capabilities span the entire range of carbon particle sizes, morphologies and surface properties desired by battery manufacturers and include the ability to control key properties independently, allowing our products to provide the specific functional properties valued in your application.


Microporous GmbH

Microporous GmbH is a leading developer, manufacturer, and supplier of high-performance rubber, polyethylene (PE), rubber-PE hybrid, and AGM separators for flooded lead-acid batteries. Separators are a highly engineered, mission-critical component of lead-acid batteries. We offer the widest range of separators and materials in the market, and our separators provide a variety of benefits, such as long life spans, resistance to damage from overcharging, lower battery maintenance, less grid corrosion, and much more. Microporous is qualified for OEM applications and serves customers in 30+ countries on 5 continents.

CMWTEC technologie GmbH
CMWTEC technologie GmbH has been operating for over 36 years on the national and international markets and has a reputation for high quality standards, reliability and experience in mechanical engineering. CMWTEC is still expanding and we continuously develop our products further on and are going with large steps into the future. This includes the further development of battery test systems for 48V technology and Li Ion technology.
Our key competence products are complete AGM / EFB Finishing Lines for lead acid batteries with our DataManager Software for collecting all important data and test results. Our Products are the benchmark in the field of Battery Formation and Finishing Equipment’s.
Further to this, our demand is to be innovative for the future markets and in cooperation with the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin we have developed the New HRD Test Machine with integrated E-load system and improved HRD process. A smart way to combine HRD with Impedance test of batteries in a production line.
Learn more at our Stand no. 35 at the LABAT'2020 conference/exhibition and Poster session.
Our AGM Finishing Line Equipment, ECO (Economic) Line Equipment, single machines and complete lines have been successfully installed worldwide over several decades. The quality stamp “Made in Germany” on all our machines stands for stability and sound workmanship.
Stay interested what’s coming next.
WaveTech GmbH is a globally operating technology company headquartered in the US with offices in the USA, Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey. Our disruptive technologies upgrade, monitor and automate critical energy backup systems to increase cost-efficiency, visibility and security. WaveTech is addressing a global market opportunity while reducing the negative effect for the environment. With our unique battery technology as well as our software and hardware solutions we have the sole benefit of introducing these new solutions to the market, where we already got some good traction. Our growth and introduction of new products will sustain an IPO within 12-24 months.
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Intercontinental Media
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Magazine Pb S.America

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Batteries International Magazine

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