Gaston Planté Medal Committee

The Gaston Planté Medal is awarded to an outstanding battery expert in recognition of his/her significant contribution to the development of lead-acid battery science and technology.

The recipients of the award are selected by a two-step procedure. First, all members of the International Advisory Committee and of the International Gaston Planté Medal Committee are asked to send their rating of the three most distinguished scientists who should compete for this award. Then all proposals are summarized and the three highest ranked candidates are nominated. And finally, the International Gaston Planté Medal Committee, comprising 15 prominent scientists, elects by secret vote the new recipient of the award among the nominees.

The Gaston Planté Medal is presented to the new recipient on special ceremony during the LABAT Conference.



Prof.Dr. Czerwinski Andrzej The University of Warsaw, Poland
Prof.Dr. Carlos Ventura D'Alkaine  Federal University of Sao Carlos, Brazil
Dr. Jun Furukawa Planté Medalist LABAT'2017, Japan
Prof.Dr. Yonglang Guo Fuzhou University, China
Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Phys. Eckhard Karden  FFA Ford Forschunggszentrum Aachen GmbH, Germany
Dr. Lan Trieu Lam Planté Medalist LABAT'2011, Australia
Dr. Eberhard Meissner Planté Medalist LABAT'2014, Germany
Dr. Boris Monahov Planté Medalist LABAT'2014, USA
Dr. Patrick T.Moseley Planté Medalist LABAT'2008, United Kingdom
Dr. Geno Papazov  Planté Medalist LABAT'2017, Bulgaria
Dr. David A.J. Rand  Planté Medalist LABAT'1996, Australia
Dr. Francisco Trinidad  Exide Technologies SAU, Spain
Dr. Lyudmila Yolshina  Urals Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia