Compete for Young Scientists Award

The Lead-Acid Batteries Department of Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems (IEES) at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences has decided to establish an award to be presented at each LABAT conference to a young scientist (below the age of 35 years). 

“Prof. Detchko Pavlov” Young Scientist Award
for Best Oral or Poster Presentation

The award is named after the eminent lead-acid battery scientist Prof. Detchko Pavlov (1930-2017), founder and head of the Lead-Acid Batteries Department of IEES for almost 50 years and “father” of the series of LABAT conferences. The award is intended to encourage young scientists to strive for excellence in their research work as our brilliant teacher did throughout his life.


The award includes: 

  • Award plaque
  • Personalized award certificate
  • Complimentary copy of Prof. Detchko Pavlov’s book “Lead-Acid Batteries: Science and Technology”, issued by Elsevier and referred to as “the Bible of lead-acid batteries”. 


Evaluation criteria:

  • Knowledge of subject material
  • Structure and clarity of presentation (oral or poster)
  • Appropriate use of visual material
  • Ability to answer questions and join in discussion


Winner selection:
The winner of the award will be selected by the majority vote of all LABAT’2021 delegates and announced at the closing ceremony. 

Interested in competing for the award? 
If you are oral or poster presenter at LABAT’2021, below the age of 35 years, and want to compete for this award, please inform Dr. Geno Papazov, Chairman of LABAT’2021 at